1:20 Scale
17" long, 8" tall
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery!
The optional diorama base includes a small
mesosuchian crocodile and an Igaunodon carcass!     
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Baryonyx and the whole diorama scene for
$240.00, with free shipping!
Buildup and custom base work by Martin Garratt (U.K.)!
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RaderStudios Model Museum!
Buildup and custom base work by Spike Ekins
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Baryonyx walkeri
Optional Diorama Base
Free Domestic
It's a warm afternoon in the early
Cretaceous of what was to become the
British Isles.  It's the beginning of the
dry season.  
Baryonyx has followed the
smell of rotting meat to a drying
tributary of his favorite fishing river.  
There, he has discovered the remains
of an
Iguanodon that drowned in a
recent flood, half buried in the fine
mud.  A small crocodile is trying in vain
to defend the food that he believes to
be his, but
Baryonyx is bigger and will
not be driven from such a find.  
Meanwhile, a small turtle observes the
scene from atop a felled tree.
Built and painted by Steve Riojas!